Superlight Murray's pomades are unique old time products that over the years have developed many different uses. It is important to experiment with the products. The most important tip is to always start with a small amount and build up. Pomades, by nature, were developed to stay in the hair. If you intend on washing the product out every day it is important to not put too much in.

Product Usage

We recommend consulting with a professional stylist before trying new hair products or techniques, especially those on social media. While Murray's pomade may be versatile for multiple hair textures and uses, individual hair types and conditions vary. A professional stylist can provide personalized recommendations based on your hair's specific needs and characteristics.

Softening the product

To soften the product either rub in the palms of your hands or place can under a hair dryer for a few minutes. Originally, the pomades were developed to sit on a stove, hence the tin can, however, we do not recommend this method.

Creating waves

To create waves work the product into hair and scalp and brush into wave pattern.


For spiking start with product at the base of the hair shaft and work toward the hair ends.

Removing the product

To remove the product. Murray's was originally formulated to stay in the hair, therefore, getting it out may be difficult for some hair types. Use a strong clarifying shampoo or liquid dishwashing soap and work into dry hair, slowly add small amounts of water to build foam, as the foam dissipates add more water, do this a few times prior to rinsing. There are many other ways which customers have submitted to us including, wash with Coca-Cola, Use a hair dryer and a fine toothed comb to melt the wax and pull it out.

Send us your tips

If you have any special tips in how you use or remove Murray's products please submit them here for other customers to read, [email protected].